Individual course

Individual course

Total attention on the needs of the student

DurationFrom 10 lessons
Start dateEvery moment
LevellAll the levels foreseen by CEFR
Minimum age16 years
Duration of the lesson50 minutes
Students in classMaximum 1
Corse structure: in groups



The Individual course is a special course for one person. This Italian course is completely tailored on the student specific needs and it is recommended for those who need a personalized program.

In the individual course the student has the complete attention of the teacher and interacts for the entire duration of the Italian class.

This course is recommended for students who work and cannot dedicate lots of time to study or simply want to study at their own pace. Having a teacher that is entirely dedicated to your aims and completely understands your needs offering support at each stage of your learning, is a unique opportunity to have a fast progress.

Number of classes



35 €
340 €
660 €
990 €

The enrollment fee of 50 euro is not included in the course price. It is valid for 12 months and includes the teaching materials, use of the center, placement test and language assessment, certificate of attendance, accommodation search and other services. 

This Italian language course is also recommended for students who want to have an in-depth look at some specific vocabulary to learn how to talk about their personal interests like movies, art, literature, politics and more.

The Italian classes can be held either in our Italian language school or in a bar, museum, restaurant or other less formal places. During the course, for example, the student can learn specific words to talk about art and then go with the teacher to visit a museum and use the language that he learnt in class in a real situation.

The schedule can be arranged with the school. In case the student cannot go to school, the missed Italian lesson can be made up as indicated in the school regulations.

At the end of the Italian course the students receive the detailed programme of all the topics studied in class in order to facilitate self-learning after the end of the course.

The individual course is available for any language level identified by the CEFR[1].

[1] The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The identified levels are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 e C2.


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