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Verona is undoubtedly a city of many historical, artistic and natural attractions. Bear in mind, however, that in Verona it is also possible to indulge the senses, thanks to the many restaurants that fill the streets of its centre with all kinds of smells and aromas which provide a veritable temptation to all palates. Taking an Italian Language Course in Verona also means taking in the flavours of the city.

The gastronomy that Verona offers has changed over the years. I was born and raised to Veronese parents in this city and I can say that, never before have we witnessed such big interest in ethnic cuisine as in the last 15 years. Japanese restaurants are not the only ones offering exotic dishes, they are, however, the most numerous.

Flavours of the East aside, if you are interested in this article, you are probably looking for some advice as to where to eat typical dishes at fair prices in venues that are not strictly touristic. When I travel, seeking authenticity is a prime need, which is why I am taking the liberty to share with you some tips about the city I know best, Verona!

When our school offers group lunches after classes, there is a reason why we choose the pizzeria Du de Cope, the Trattoria Alla Colonna, or the Osteria Macafame. What is it that we like about these venues? Well, most certainly the quality of their food, their location (two steps away from Piazza delle Erbe, as well as from the school), their quite fair prices, and, last but not least, their graceful service. In a city like Verona where tourism is ever on the rise, unfortunately the latter cannot be taken for granted!

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  1. Thank you! It’s a very interesting information for tourists in Verona. Your city is fantastic! It would be interesting for me to take some Italian lessons, actually.

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