Tailor-made courses for teachers

L’Italiano con noi welcomes the opportunity to create tailor-made courses and address the specific needs of groups of teachers at all levels and in different teaching organizations. The duration, the schedule and the programme will be agreed with the organization.

One of the main focuses will be on practical activities for classroom use.

These seminars will be workshop-based and will include hands-on materials design.


  • The analysis of learners communicative needs
  • Task-based teaching
  • How to teach pragmatics
  • When and how to teach grammar
  • Interlanguage and error analysis
  • Acquisition sequences in Italian as a second language
  • How does the mother tongue affect the acquisition of the Italian language
  • Characteristics of language teaching in relation to the target learner
  • Communicative competence: definition, approaches, methods and techniques for its development