Tailor-made course

Tailor-made course

Courses designed around the specific needs of companies, schools, universities and other institutions 


This Italian course in Verona is designed around the specific needs of companies, schools, universities and other institutions that want to offer to their students or employees a special experience in Italy.

The tailor-made Italian course can combine the study of the Italian language in the morning with afternoon activities (like, cooking classes, rafting tour, wine tasting classes, guided tour in art cities nearby and more) outside our Italian school thus discovering the country, as well as some typical aspects of the Italian culture.

Programme contents, schedule and methods vary depending on the objectives.

This Italian course is recommended, for example, for groups of teenagers or university students that come to Verona on a study trip for one or more weeks. Especially for these groups the Italian lessons are game-based so they are competitive, interactive, and allow the students to have fun while gaining knowledge. The teachers encourage participation in class and involve the students in funny but also primarily effective activities, using theater-based techniques, relay races and treasure hunts. Our language school in Verona helps also with the accommodation and students can book their stay either in hotels or accurately selected families.

Programme, starting date and course length are completely flexible and vary depending on requests.

The tailor-made Italian course is recommended also for companies or other institutions that need to train their employees. In these cases the Italian lessons can be held either in our school or directly in the company’s offices.

This Italian course is available for any language level identified by the CEFR[1].

[1] The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The identified levels are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 e C2.