Our story

“L’Italiano con noi” is my brainchild. My name is Giorgia, and I am the founder and director of the school. People often ask me:

“Why, one fine day, did you decide to open L’Italiano con noi?”

I feel a sort of embarrassment each time that happens because I never quite know where to start. How could I explain in a few words the passion of a lifetime?

As a child, I often used to go to Lake Garda with my parents, there, I’d meet some very blond children who communicated in languages that were totally incomprehensible to me. I could safely say that, already back then, I’d have given anything in order to understand what they were saying and to be able to speak to them. From that moment on, an obsession with languages gripped me and remained with me throughout my life.

Over time, this passion was transformed into an insatiable curiosity for the mechanisms that lie behind the acquisition of a language. Today, more than ever, I firmly believe that the knowledge of such mechanisms could greatly improve the learning experience.

In my opinion, learning to communicate in another language has never been just about learning a sequence of grammatical rules, but about a life experience, a journey.

I have been fortunate on my journey to have met many people who shared that vision with me. For this reason, today, “L’Italiano con noi” is no longer just my school and my story, but the school and the story of all those who see the interaction of cultures as an opportunity to look at the world from a different perspective, expanding horizons in their lives and in the lives of others.

The people you see on this page are just a few of those I’m talking about. I would have wished to preserve them all in one single keepsake picture, but that would have been difficult because every day our memory is enriched with new faces and new life stories.

There it is then, deep down, I think that this is the real reason why I have founded “L’Italiano con noi”, to make sure that such a journey never ends.

My sincerest gratitude to everybody (to my family, to the students, teachers, hosts and, last but not least, to my competitors) for making this adventure possible day in and day out.