Italian course - fun

“Hi! This is me, Aurelia, the beautiful blonde girl you see in all the pictures and the vlog on this page. I’m sadly at the end of my wonderful experience in Verona but before I go I want to share with you some of the things I’ve experienced during my 12 week stay here at L’Italiano con noi!”

Moving to a new place is never easy, but I was pleasantly surprised how the school helped me to feel like at home since the very first day. During the first month I took an Italian language course. After the Italian classes we went out for lunch once a week, so I got to know many great places where to eat very very good food. Giorgia, my Italian teacher, introduced me to 2 Italian girls of my same age, that was amazing! This is how I started to make friends and discover the fun and the beauty of Verona.

My favourite thing to do in Verona is to drink a spritz on the top of the hill at Castel san Pietro, I tried to go there every week. Luckily the school is in the heart of the old city of Verona. This makes visiting the city much easier (because I’m a bit lazy to walk far). Only 2 steps away from the Italian language school is Piazza delle Erbe, the old Roman square and Piazza dei Signori that was built during the Middle Ages. My experience happened during Christmas, at Piazza dei Signori there was a great Christmas market where I loved to spend time (and money).

While studying Italian in Verona I’ve made a lot of friends from all over the world. Together with those friends I discovered not only the city but also the nightlife in Verona.

Last but not least I loved my accommodation because it was super clean and close to the language school. Unfortunately my time in Italy is almost over. I would love to thank the Erasmus+ project and Giorgia as a great teacher & supervisor! Grazie mille! A presto!

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