Finding the right accommodation is usually a feat for a student. Budget requirements and expectations are just part of the factors under consideration when the aim is not only a successful language course, but also an all-round travel experience.


Giorgia went beyond the call of duty to help me find an excellent apartment in town, ten minutes away walking distance from the school. In fact, I became friends with my landlady and we correspond to this day. Every year I visit my new friend Giulia in Venice where she also has a nice apartment!

Bernardette, US

What I most liked about Mariangela was our evening when we had nice conversations in Italian either while we prepared our dinner, when we were in front of the TV, or even when went out for the famous Italian “aperitivo”. This extension practice after classes helped me enhance even more my knowledge of the language and we become very good friends.

Sueli, Brazil

We are often tempted to prepare a list of options, thus leaving the task of finding accommodation to each student. However, in the last years we’ve come to realize that commitment pays off and today we can safely say that one of our biggest satisfactions has been in making it possible for people to meet each other, not just inside the school, but outside of it as well.

Amelia and Torolf, Marco and Ursel, Giovanna and Anna, Marina and Oivind, Sueli and Mariangela, Manuela and Syssel, again Amelia and Birgit, Bernardette and Giulia, Margherita and Nico, Margherita and Inger, Cristina and Laura and many others.

They are the reason why our school, besides arranging hotels, B&B and apartments stays, strives to put students in contact with locals who wish to host them and provide them with a shared life experience.

The price of accommodation for each type is:

breakfast only

breakfast and dinner

180 € per week

240 €per week


300€ per week


stanza singola

stanza doppia

500€ monthly

350€ monthly


per persona/al giorno con colazione inclusa

70 euro

  • B&B

per persona/al giorno, colazione inclusa

40 euro

We’d like to point out that there could be changes in those prices depending on the period of the year and the location of the accommodation, therefore, we urge applicants who are interested in this service to contact us directly in order to receive a more precise estimate for their accommodation of choice.

Moreover, for the more adventurous among you, we are thrilled to offer a travel concept that aims at enabling contact with the locals. If you are flexible and eager to do some work, check out this website (workaway)! You might just be able to find the ideal solution on your own at zero cost!

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