To teach Italian as L2

L’Italiano con noi offers


  • courses for the certifications (CEDILS, DITALS I e DITALS II)
  • refresher courses at different levels (also tailor-made)
  • internships


All these courses are aimed at teachers that want to acquire or have an in-depth knowledge of a specific methodology in teaching Italian as a second language.


The ten-year dedication in the field arises from the belief that a wider comprehension of the mechanisms that underly the acquisition of a second language and of their relation with the practice in class leads to an optimization of the teaching and learning experience.


L’Italiano con noi intends to be also a place where teachers have the opportunity to share their experiences and enhance their knowledge through the exchange with other colleagues.

Certifications: courses and exames

L’Italiano con noi offers training courses for the certifications DITALS I, DITALS II and CEDILS. During the training courses you will practice on old exams and create new activities for your class.

Tailor-made courses for teachers

We welcome the opportunity to address the specific needs of groups of teachers at all levels and in different teaching organizations. One of the main focuses will be on practical activities for classroom use.

Refresher courses

The main purpose of these courses is to guide teachers in the creation of up-to-date teaching practices able to address more effectively to the real needs of teachers and learners..


L’Italiano con noi offers the opportunity to follow an internship in class. The internship includes some hours observation and some hours analysis with a professional teacher trainer.