Methods and materials

In order to learn a language, it is necessary to use it to communicate!

Our school is a veritable laboratory of ideas where highly qualified tutors use diverse methodologies and create authentic materials with one aim in mind, to teach students how to communicate in Italian in a way that is both fun but also primarily effective


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Learning a language is important, but equally is important doing it in the simplest and fastest manner. For this…

In “L’Italiano con noi” we place a lot of importance on words. In order to communicate in Italian from the very first day, it is actually not necessary to know the entire conjugation of the present tense, but it is enough, for example, to know that words such as “mi piace” are used to express personal taste. Who of you hasn’t packed a dictionary or phrasebook before a trip?

We avoid teaching a different topic of grammar every day because it would be a bit like going from Milan to Rome through London! Such a method is neither the simplest nor the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language. Since our aim is to teach how to communicate, we introduce grammar in a gradual manner and from within the context of real life situations.

In our school, we value mistakes. While speaking correctly is important, it is not possible speak correctly immediately. It doesn’t work that way. First, words are introduced; then, those words are gradually “placed within a grammatical form”. Mistakes are an inevitable part of that process. Moreover, mistakes constitute valuable clues to our tutors. In “L’Italiano con noi”, we know exactly how to analyse mistakes and what to focus on in order to help our students improve their speaking skills. We do that through engaging activities which include the use of Videos, songs, games, themed workshops and much more.

In short, we focus on the practical usage of language. Learning a language is a lot more than the mere repetition of prefabricated dialogs. Besides conversations, listening, and other types of typical activities, we hold task based lessons once a week. In those lessons students use language to handle real life situations, such as booking a taxi, organizing an event among friends, asking a neighbour to make less noise and so on. Not only are such activities highly communicative, but they also provide an important opportunity for the further analysis of the language.

Our school has a library full of books, games and updated multimedia resources that make it possible to work in an ever innovative and stimulating way on all aspects of language skills.

We also generate a lot of materials ourselves, especially the task based activities, which are created according to the actual communicative needs of students as they present themselves. And, as we all know…each student is different!


Kerstin, Germany
Kerstin, Germany
"I've been very impressed by the school, its location, the teachers, the structure of the material and the ability to address each person individually.‬ ‪Only after short time I was able to talk nearly about everything with my Italian friends. ‬Thanks a lot for all!‬"
Imad, South Arabia
Imad, South Arabia
“Without any exaggeration this is the best language school I’ve been to. Giorgia is highly qualified and very dedicated, a very pleasant instructor, with a high level of culture and education that makes her lessons so much more interesting. I feel that I have made friends for life. I certainly plan on coming back.”
Fr-Paul Goo, Canada
Fr-Paul Goo, Canada
"I spent 7 weeks at LCN during August and September of 2017, and I had a wonderful time! Giorgia, Giulia and Federico were all great. They focused on helping me actually use the language in my concrete situation, as opposed to just learn the grammar and pass tests. I was preparing to enter an Italian university in October, which seemed quite daunting to a beginner-level learner like me. But after only 7 weeks, I was pleasantly surprised by how well I could understand the lectures at the university and also take notes in Italian."